Shopping Convenience vs. Real Impact for Orphans

Shopping Convenience vs. Real Impact for Orphans

We live in a world of great convenience. We can order anything online and have it at our doorstep in 2 days or less. But we also live in a world where our daily lives have little impact for those in the greatest need - orphans.

What if we were willing to sacrifice just a little convenience, in order to have a real impact on an orphan's life? 

What if we could still buy cool stuff, but sacrifice the "2 days or less" convenience to free up money that can have real impact for orphans in need?

That's what we are asking at You can still buy killer products and great prices. We will ship them to you straight from the supplier in 7-28 days, and use the money normally eaten up by middlemen, distributors and express shipping companies to feed, clothe and shelter orphans around the world.

We hope that sounds like a "win-win".


The Team